Golden Endings Golden Retriever Rescue


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Luke was found a stray and taken to the local pound where he was diagnosed with heartworms. This was almost his demise but fortunately Golden Endings rescued him. He was under the care of veterinarians from OSU and they were able to treat his heartworms and then he found us. That was in Dec. 2000 and now almost nine years later he is just as laid back and wonderful as when he came to live with us and become part of our family. He is a very loving dog and even though he was scared when I first put him in my truck for the two hour drive home he slowly inched closer to me during the trip until he was leaning against me and no longer nervous. I couldn't imagine what this sweet lovable pooch went through before Golden Endings rescued him, but I know that if it wasn't for them he wouldn't be here today and our lives would not have been touched by his gentle and loving ways.

~ Colin & Lori Gatland


Gibson came to us very happy and rotund (over 100lbs) after his family no longer wanted him. We think he was overfed & under exercised and had a major lack of attention given to him. He is now a "lean mean golden machine" and at ten years old is a playful happy little kid that rolls around, sleeps on his two couches (formerly ours) and has a choice of about one million toys to play with each day. He is a great watchdog and lets us know whenever he hears a pin drop, even if the pin drops a mile away at 2am. He gets along very well with our other three dogs and has a great smile.

~ Colin & Lori Gatland